The "H-W" Textile Yarn
Conditioning Equipment

Look to SpecFab for these Industry SPECialties, too:

As our company continues to grow, we consistently anticipate our customers’ needs in specific markets, providing quality equipment designs and state-of-the-art solutions seldom offered through metal fabricators.

To this end, SpecFab has developed popular, successful solutions for two niche markets.

The first is the mobile food and beverage cart market where our equipment can be seen in all of the major theme parks, both domestically and internationally. We offer full design services, work with our customer from concept to shipment, and provide full graphic services so that the carts ship complete and ready to use. Our signature carts are also motorized; as these units are much easier to maneuver, they help address labor concerns as well as reduce the number of potential workers' comp claims.

We manufacture modular kitchens as well. The units can ship turnkey from our facility, with commercial equipment installed and ready to plug and go. Metals, laminates, solid surfaces are all integrated to make the system customer to your needs.

Our second niche market is the textile yarn conditioning equipment known as the H-W.

The "H-W" Yarn Conditioner
Economic, Uniform Yarn Conditioning, a division of SpecFab.

For over 50 years the "H-W" yarn conditioner has served the textile industry worldwide. It is used with equal success in conditioning silk, rayon, nylon, blends, cotton, woolens, worsted, glass yarns, as well as all synthetic fibers. Because it greatly enhances knitting and weaving efficiency, this proven H-W technology has become  today’s answer to affordable uniformity in yarn conditioning.

Consider these “H-W” advantages:

  • Smart Thinking. While maintaining the basic principle and rugged stainless steel corrosion resistant construction, the SpecFab-brand “H-W” Conditioner recognizes the changes in the exterior skin.
  • Rigid Aluminum Design. Currently, all new “H-W” machines utilize a “rigidized” aluminum vs. asbestos board. This new exterior satisfies all OSHA Safety Standards.
  • Maintenance Free Control. All new “H-W” machines have an electronic controller/recorder and solid-state thermal system, thereby replacing outdated mechanical models and their gas filled thermal systems. This improved control system delivers a yarn conditioning process that is essentially maintenance free, eliminating periodic calibrations.
  • Reliable RTD Sensors. Our “H-W” sensors are virtually indestructible, saving you additional repair and part-replacement costs.

For further assistance, including information, a quotation on a custom built H-W conditioner, or replacement parts and services for your existing unit, please contact us.